Neurovascular Imaging and Interventions for Stroke Management

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Reddy, N., Syed, R., Chintharala , K., & Kumar Panjiyar, B. (2024). Neurovascular Imaging and Interventions for Stroke Management: A Systematic Review. Journal of Vascular and Interventional Neurology, 14(2). Retrieved from


Strokes present a significant global health challenge and remain a primary cause of death. Early detection and intervention are crucial for improved outcomes and prevention of post-stroke disability. Neuroimaging followed by neuro-intervention has proved to be of utmost importance in managing strokes. It is a relatively new and upcoming field, with advancements occurring as we speak. We reviewed 198 articles from reputable journals published between January 1st 2013, and January 1st 2023, focusing on eight selected papers for in-depth analysis. The analysis considered factors such as stroke type, treatment algorithms used, imaging, and interventions. This systematic review revealed that the current stroke-based diagnostic and treatment approaches face several open problems and issues regarding which imaging modality to use and the side effects of various interventions in real-life settings. Nevertheless, further exploration and research in neurovascular imaging, neuro-intervention, and stroke management are necessary to overcome these challenges and fully harness their potential to improve health outcomes for patients with cerebrovascular accidents.

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